Start using strategies that work.

Start using strategies that work.

We believe WealthQuant provides the best solution for casual market investors. Our model portfolios are programmed to generate positive returns and reduce risk in any market environment.

We are also the only fintech advisor to offer a performance guarantee. If our strategies are not profitable for the month, we waive next month's fee.

Our Strategies

Our strategies use Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs are similar to mutual funds but can be traded at any time.

Tactical I

Excellent returns with minimal volatility. This strategy employs a tactical asset allocation framework optimizing a global asset pool of international equities and bonds. Consistent positive returns with a low-risk profile.

Robo I

Like many robo-advisors, this strategy uses just two ETFs representing equities and bonds. However, unlike robo-advisors, this strategy dynamically weights the component ETFs according to market conditions, generating superior risk-adjusted returns.

Why WealthQuant is awesome.

It's Smart

Portfolios are constructed using cutting-edge financial technology, tactically adapting to market conditions, emotion-free.

It's Simple

Our low-maintenance strategies rebalance once a month and take just a few minutes to copy in your own account. No complex charts, technical indicators or day trading.

It's Safe

All our algorithms have the same prime directive: control risk. Portfolios consist only of highly liquid ETFs. No stocks, no futures, no forex. Period.

Take control of your wealth today.

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